Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freezing cold CX (literally): NACT series finals: Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup, November 22-23,2008

NACT series podium. I had no idea I could even be in consideration after only half of the races.
Amy D. 2nd and Georgia 1st with her new sweet pink belt!
(And check out the podium shoes I finally got to wear. Thanks Tony & Pearl Izumi)

I thought I would make bookends on the NACT series and stay on the east coast and head to the Hamptons for some 'cross racing. I knew I would never get to the Hamptons any other way. So a week in New Jersey training in the extreme cold weather, a trip to see an old friend in NYC and an event appearance up at a cool bike shop in Teaneck, NJ with Tom Coleman & Wobblenaught, it was time to race.
Saturday it was a balmy 32 degrees with winds whipping. And to make it more fun, the clouds moved in right before our race. It was brutal. But a super fun course. Some killer hills, some singletrack, steep sidehill, barriers. A little bit of everything. Staying warm was the biggest challenge. My hands and feet froze. The rest was o.k., but it was hard to hold the bars and shift due to cold hands. I had made the initial selection, but Mo decided to lay down in front of me, so I lost Lyne and Natasha and spent the rest of the race chasing and having about a 5 second gap I could not close. Frustrating, but four seemed to be in the cards. I decided tomorrow would be a better day and I would wear warmer gloves and make my way to the podium.
Check out who is in front at the top of the climb! I actually led the first lap. Wine prime???
(Photo by Dave McElwaine)
Do I still have fingers? I can't feel them.
(photo by Dave McElwaine)

Sunday it was a balmy 35 degrees. The wind was a little less than Saturday and the sun stayed out, so it was better. I started my day with an early a.m. spin to the ocean, just because I couldn't go to the Hamptons and not see the ocean. I had seen the bay, but it's all about the ocean. I arrived at the course a bit later than the day prior, and pre rode, it was essentially the same course the opposite direction. Again, super fun! I decided on the thick, bulky gloves, despite the warmer weather, b/c even though it was warmer, it was still not warm. I had an o.k. start, but got behind Natasha and Mo on the singletrack on the first lap and Georgia got away with Amy in tow. It was fine until Natasha took me out on a corner by a tree. Down I went, hard, and there went the train. I got passed by what seemed like everyone, but back on the bike, I started to chase. The bummer was the wind and the group in front of me was 7 strong. And then I dangled out there in no mans land, chasing my little heart out. I was making progress, even with a few minor mistakes. Mo pitted, so I had a chance to get on a wheel and take a bit of a rest. But I knew I didn't want to be there long. I was for almost a lap, then on the last lap, I made my move and in 6th, I started closing down on 5th. I was making progress, but took a sandy turn section a bit rich and put myself into the ground. At least it was my fault. And that was it. I didn't have enough time to close the gap. A disappointing 6th, but a good race overall. And even though I only did 2 other NACT races, I somehow snagged a 3rd place in the series. Who would've thunk? I didn't even have series expectations. I just wanted to see how the rich and famous lived!
Parking at the beach. No cruisers here today?

Proof I was at the beach.

Host housing. OK, not really, but a small house I passed on the way to my house.

Thanks to our gracious hosts, Nella & Mike! Erik Tonkin & Sean Babcock were my 'roomies'.

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