Sunday, October 5, 2008

Now it is time for cyclocross!!! Rainy & muddy, just the way we like it!

A big weekend for the Butlers! Tim and I just took our first ever Cross Crusade wins today! But of course, I have no pictures. It was too wet and muddy to be taking pictures. I barely pulled off the win, whereas Tim killed it! He was off the front from the gun and never looked back. It was beautiful. And it was definitely cyclocross weather. But for some odd reason, we thought it was still mountain bike season too! We couldn't resist a quick overnight to the cabin on Friday night with fall colors, rain and some soggy singletrack! We ventured to 15-mile creek, b/c it is seldom as rainy over there. Well, it may have not been as rainy, but it was wet, cold and returning to the car, it said 46 degrees. Yikes! Realistically, that may have been our last ride of the season. At least for me, b/c I will be off and traveling for the next 3 weekends, moving us into November. But it was worth it. Check it out.

Fall colors off the deck at the cabin.

It's raining so hard, I can't see.

Small pockets of sunshine.

They were short lived, and it was windy & cold!

But it was gorgeous!

Lot's of standing water to get you really wet & cold!


Monilee said...

Sue! Just had the chance to catch up on your blog and wanted to offer a BIG CONGRATS on your podium!! Nice work - you totally deserve it after working so hard all season.

- mon

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are awesome. Thanks for sharing!