Thursday, September 11, 2008

Too busy to blog?

As a rule, I don't really like to blog just to blog. And if I don't have cool pictures, what is the point? It's not as if nothing has happened since being home from Brian Head. In fact, just the opposite. Too much to do, not enough time. Driving back took me two days, with a 'layover' in Boise again, this time to get my CX bikes fit by Tom Coleman. It was not quick and easy, b/c my bikes were not quite built and we did some videotaping and movement analysis. Pretty interesting stuff. I appreciate all of his help and wisdom. When I finally returned home, here is what life has looked like:
Wed: Jury duty all day, help with cx clinic in the evening
Thurs: start catching up with mail, phone calls, house stuff, etc., ride bike
Fri: same drill. Lot's to do. bikes washed, reorganize storage, ride bike, run, etc.
Sat: spent a.m. re-figuring out tile for master bath in new house (was way over budget); Tim & I took a bike ride in the afternoon and then, poof, the day was gone
Sunday: Tim left at 7:40 a.m. for NYC, I left at 9 to go out to Sauvie's island and help volunteer for Krueger's Kermesse. Raced at 2, rode home with Coach K & got burritos, passed out, snack for dinner and day was done.
Monday: Tile crisis continues. Final decision to be made by noon. Oh, the stress. In the evening, raced the Vanport Kermesse.
Tuesday: left early a.m. for cabin. Got trailer & back to Hood River. Met Anna and her CYC crew (27 h.s. kids) at lumber yard, picked up materials for a wood shed, Anna got kids going on various projects at cabin, went for a run, dinner and hung out with kids, etc. WHEW! exhausted.
Wednesday: at cabin still. up early. Kids out by 8:45-ish to go hike Cooper Spur. Did some things, down to Hood River, rode my bike, got home, out to Alpenrose for the CX clinic. Dinner with friends and Tim finally got home.
TODAY: I am exhausted!!! I spent the a.m. trying to get my cx bikes figured out and other things, but almost there. Just waiting on parts. Tried to relax a bit and now I am back on the road to tie up some loose odds and ends.
So, you see, nothing really fun. Nothing really worthy of blogging about. But now you know if you spent the time to read this picture-less dribble. Life has been busy and lot's of planning for the upcoming cyclocross season! Yahoo!!!

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tikitaso said...

Sue -
Happy Birthday and congrats on your big win over the weekend!