Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rock Star Status: Monavie annual conference in Salt Lake City

It was a surreal experience. I can not even begin to explain. Thursday I flew to Salt Lake City for the annual Monavie conference. What is Monavie? It is a acai berry juice. Highly concentrated antioxidants. Amazing stuff that is sold and marketed directly in a multi-level marketing format (some would say pyramid) with distributors from all over the place. The best part about this company is that they are psyched to have a cycling team and I am fortunate enough to be a part of this. We visited the headquarters and had a quick tour and then we went to the opening mixer to meet the who's who of Monavie. It was a bit overwhelming because it was over the top. The party had fountains, ice sculptures, bands, ping pong tables, life size chess, etc, etc, etc. They know how to throw a party.
Friday was the main event. We had about 5 minutes of stage time later in the morning. A video was shown from the American Mountain Classic, highlighting what we do and then we were raised out of the stage and were projected on the dozen huge screens in the room, and 6,000 people went crazy! I felt like a rock star! One big difference, I was standing there in spandex and a jersey. Afterwards we signed over 3000 autographs for over 4 hours. The line never ended. And most didn't know the difference between Tinker Juarez and Sue Butler. It was a crazy two days. Bart and I had to high tail it out of there around 4 to get on a flight to Seattle. CX season was about to start!!!
Thanks to Bart and Rosie for hosting me for my night in SLC!!
The president/founder came out in style.
I'm telling you, it was like a rock concert.Backstage waiting for our appearance.

Team autograph session.
The line never ended.

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Woooooow. That was a little... weird! :)