Sunday, September 21, 2008

On top of the podium, finally.... Star Crossed 2008!

That is a BIG smile on my face! I did it!!!

And they say that dreams don't come true! Actually, I never did dream of this, but winning Star Crossed was about as sweet as it comes. It actually took a long time for it to sink in. I kept saying to Tim, "I just won Star Crossed!" I went into this knowing I could win, but for it to actually happen! And I thought my time in Salt Lake City was surreal. This past weekend was pretty amazing. It was my first big win and although I have stood on top of a few podiums, none compare. Wendy Simms and I basically powered away from the rest of the field both days. Saturday night I came out on top and Sunday, Simms traded me and I had to settle for the second step. A great weekend of racing. The season opener for 'cross. Tim also had a great weekend, taking second in the master elite race at Star Crossed and although he had some bike issues on Sunday, still a 9th place finish.

Wendy, Emily & I. My kit doesn't match anymore, but we are still team in spirit.
Inteview with velonews.
Bart had to get stitched up by Dr. Seth
Podium on Sunday. I'll take 2nd!

The weekend was even better, because we got to spend time with friends. We stayed with Pam (my best friend from college) & Seth and their kids in Seattle. They are the most gracious hosts and I fill their house with bike racers and mud. Pam and Seth were our number one fans on Saturday and our friends Paul and Andrea came to Tacoma with their twins, Hannah & Theo on Sunday to cheer us on! It was great! I love racing my bike!
Kirin, Seth, Evie, Pam and I
The twins with Tim and I.


StevenCX said...


PEANUT said...

GREAT RIDING sue! Way to start the season off well!

Kyia said...

What a great smile! great job

K-Man said...

Booo yaaaaa!!! congrats Sue!

Matt F said...

Way to go Sue! Also, great interview on velonews!

Daniel said...

Nice work.

Too bad the guys don't race at the same time so that I could suck your wheel like at Krugers!

Thanks again for that. Saved my race.

Jay-Z said...

They say if you play with skillz good luck will happen