Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot weekend in the 'hood.

Portland was baking this week, so we were excited to escape to the cabin. Little did we know, it really wouldn't be that much cooler at the cabin. OK, it was cooler, but when it is over 100 degrees in Portland, 85 is still too hot. And riding we saw temperatures in the 90's. Not to mention the forest fire and the level 1 warning the sheriff delivered. It didn't stop us from enjoying some of our favorite trails.
Saturday we did the big loop, up Pocket Creek to Bennett Pass Road, then Boulder Lakes, Crane Prairie and back up a new trail we had never ridden and back up the other side of Boulder Lakes. We were going to do Gunsight, but my shifting was just jacked. (found out later it was a stiff link. Man, did it make me angry). Then we descended down Gumjuwac. So fun. But bummer on the shifting. In the heat, it was probably enough.
On the way up Pocket Creek
My favorite log in Oregon
Boulder Lakes from the top.
Gumjuwac's most fun switchback, where Tim is taking the picture from.
View of the Gnarl Ridge Fire.

Sunday gave us no relief. It was hot and we didn't get our early start. Corey & Michelle had brought Casey up to beat the heat too, so a nice evening with friends and a nice leisurely breakfast. Tim also slept until 10. That never helps. We refer to that as our Texas alpine start. Tim, Corey and I rode Surveyors out and back, and then Michelle met us up there and I went down Dog River with her. Another great day on the trails, but I am sad to say, it was the last weekend for a while. On the road Monday morning, headed to Brian Head for the American Mountain Classic and the last NMBS race, via Boise to visit Brett & Laura. I'll hope to update soon!
Michelle & our little buddy CaseyMt. Hood in the background
Always love Surveyor's Ridge.


StevenCX said...

Gorgeous pics!

Monilee said...

Good luck at the last NBMS, Sue!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes -- I've been looking for trail info on Crane Prairie and loop/connection options off of boulder lakes trail. Care to share? Also, is pocket creek the name of a trail?
please! and thank you...