Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd annual RAMHOOD!

The crew: Kendra, Melissa, Kris, Tim, Russ, Tre, Erin, Robert & not pictured, me.

RAMHOOD (Ride around Mt. Hood) didn't happen 4th of July weekend like last year ( due to other commitments, so we scheduled it for Saturday, the 9th of August. Last year it was way too hot. This year, we saw it all. Rain, sun, fog, smoke, etc. A strong group of 9 riders with 6 finishers! The turnaround group still had a solid ride around the Lost Lake Loop and the RAMHOOD route was slightly altered due to high water where the bridge is out on NF-16 and we included the bonus loop. This year it was 98 miles and over 11,000 feet of climbing. 

Here are a few pictures:

The clouds were moving in. No views of Mt. Hood.
Road block on initial Lost Lake loop.
A bit wet, but still smiling. Tim in his new white kit. Hmmm? Good choice for today?
Tim on Lolo Pass Road where the pavement is about to end.
Mt. Hood Grocery stop in Rhododendron
We finally saw Mt. Hood about 2 miles from home. A bit smoky from recent forest fire.
Kris feeling victorious after finishing the punishing ride!
Rob with the best helmet hair ever!
The crew for dinner! 11 people strong. Always a good crew at the cabin!

So, then we traded in the road bikes for what we like to do best! Mountain biking. A bit of a crew change for our off road dirt ride. The trails were in great condition after a bit of rain, but I couldn't say the same for my legs. A little bit tired from the day prior, but I still managed to put in over 3 hours on the dirt! I love riding my bike!!!

Corey, Jeff, Me, Tim, Brad & Russ.

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Kyia said...

You do love riding your bike!! Yeehaw!!
Hey Lady, thanks for the water bottles!! We just got them from the guy next door. Green rules!