Monday, July 28, 2008

Riding in the 'Hood! So good to be home! July 26-27, 2008

While my teammates were 'suffering' at 24-hour worlds, taking the 4-person title in the rain and mud and my fellow competitors were battling it out at Mt. St. Anne at the world cup, I decided to ride in the 65 degree and sunny weather here on the home front. Sure, part of me wishes I was at the world cups, but with the amazing summer weather, I am glad to be home and spending time riding at my favorite place in the world.
Friday night, Tim and I actually headed up the mountain the 'other way' and camped for a night in order to be on site for the early morning wake up call for the Jim Treviso Memorial Tour. It was great to have this work into our schedule this year, b/c riding great trails with good friends is always a treat! And perfect weather to boot!

See, we do remember how to camp!
The crew ready to go.
Lovely views. Looking at where we are headed.
Another great vista! Our ride leader, Mr. Tonkin, and Aaron Tarnow.
Tim, Anna and I at another vista of Mt. Hood. We are getting closer.
Tim & I at one of the Twin Lakes.
The meadow of team colors. Love that purple and green.

The infamous white river log crossing. It doesn't look that bad and most made it across on their feet......but one of us had to scoot on her butt. Yep, I got scared. 15 ft. above rushing water with carbon shoes on a log. No thank you.
And Petr was waiting at camp with beer & food for the crew! Another fun tour!!!

Well, as fun as camping is, we did head back to the cabin for Saturday night. I hadn't been there for over 5 weeks and Tim had invited his pal Tre up there with his son Walker. So a good nights sleep in my own bed, a leisurely morning and then off to the trails. Aaron, Erin, Tre, Tim and I went and rode 15 mile. I hadn't ridden it yet this year. It is already on its way to deep silt. I tested it with my forearm just for fun. Yep, there is still some rough rocks in there. I got going a bit too fast and my left arm just seems to be a magnet for destruction. But no worries. It didn't slow me down too much!
Chillin' at the bottom of 15 mile before the long climb out.

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StevenCX said...

Good call - that 24 hour stuff is for crazy people!