Monday, June 2, 2008

New trails in Oregon!

Happiness is riding new trails!!! Since Tim and I can not justify going to the cabin for one night with gas prices over $4, we decided to explore a new trail on Saturday with Chris, our friend who was over from Bend. Wilson River is a butt kicker. Straight up and straight down. We didn't even ride half of the trail out and back, so now we know we have more to go back for! I can't wait. The weather was perfect for riding and the trails were in great shape. Granted, the exposure freaked Tim out a bit (and me), but most of the trail was just amazing! And great views. Check it out:

Chris, Tim & JJ (the dog) on one of the early bridges.
JJ couldn't have been happier! Chris rode a single speed. He is CRAZY!
The Wilson River
Our turnaround point! It was going to be a lot of climbing back too, and we were racing the next day. Just the 18+ mile out and back we did was over 3 hours. Can't wait to ride the entire trail!!!
Old growth in the coastal range. I just love it!

Sunday we headed down to Falls City to race in the Falls City Firecracker. This is an area we have also never ridden and the trails are great. Granted, it was some steep climbing and a lot of it, but super fun! Going down was a great reward and made the climbing well worth it. Tim and I both won our categories. We left prior to awards , but someone just sent me these great pictures.
And next weekend we are in Oregon too! Yahoo! Another weekend at the cabin! Join us if you'd like. I bet we will be riding bikes!

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PIP said...

I'm having flashbacks just looking at those pictures. Bad day in the office for me.