Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday fun in Portland: SHORT TRACK!

It is a sure sign of summer when we got to ride out to PIR on Monday nights on our mountain bikes and have some fun in the dirt. This year I am doing beginner mountain bike clinics for women (with help) and Patrick Wilder is doing the juniors. It was a great success and over a dozen women participated and there were a ton of beginner women racing. Great to see!
Tim raced on his single speed and fought it out with Ryan Weaver, the winner of the series for the past 3 years. It was a tight race! Tim got second only by a wheel length or so.
I had a rough start to my race. I had some changes made to my bike today in anticipation of the BC Bike race next week and good thing I tried it tonight. I have some adjustments to make. At the start my chain slipped right off the middle chain ring and I flew forward and almost fell over the handlebars. I thought my chain was broke, so I got off and looked it over, but it was fine. But the race was gone. I kept having problems on the start loop, but learned that the trick was going to be not to use the middle chain ring. So I rode the race in my big chain ring and worked my way back through the field and to a first place finish. I just relaxed and took my time. At least I have experience chasing from the back! Tonight it paid off.
Short Track is a blast with tons of great people. It's always fun to be riding bikes among friends!
Tim with Indie (Kendra & Melissa's puppy) and the race organizer himself, Kris Schamp.

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Patrick said...

Put it in the big ring and really clog it!!!