Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miles & Memories: Nature Valley GP Stage 2: Cannon Falls RR

Just miles from where I grew up, the second stage of the NVGP would take off and wander through roads I have driven many times. This would actually be the first stage to count, b/c after the debacle last night of people being pulled when they shouldn't have and people not getting pulled when they should have, they basically threw it out. Oh well.
This road race had an interesting start with the lead car taking a wrong turn during our 'neutral' mile. It made for chaos off the gun. Oh well. It was fast and furious and I have to say, although much more relaxed in a pack this big, I still suck at getting and staying in the front and finding shelter from the wind. I figure I get more training this way. What I thought would be an easy 60+ miles was a fast, windy, hard stage that ended with basically a crit. I almost got dropped, but dug deep and finished just 8 seconds off the leaders. I'll take it. The bonus was that I had the best fan club there of anyone!!! A super late night, only to get up and do a time trial in the morning! Stay tuned...

My fans all lined up.
The final climb. Yikes, I am glad it is over!!!
My fans came running... Kayla, Abigayle, Alec & Musa

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PiP said...

Talk about a $#!T Show, do these organizers know what they are doing or what?