Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mankato Madness! NVGP Stage 5: Is it done yet?

91.5 miles in the 80-85 degree heat with lots of wind makes for a fun day of racing. I am so not a road racer. I back off at any hint of someone getting too close, I am courteous and polite and don't just cut in front of someone, I don't like getting boxed in and I never seem to find the side without the wind. You would think I would learn. I actually had a gal clip my front tire, but never fear, I relaxed and did not go down. I somehow unclipped, however, and the gal behind me yelled, but I yelled right back that it was not my fault. Maybe people should hold their line. Problem today, no one wanted to be in the wind and no one wanted to be in the front. It was a constant swimming of the masses. And for a bit of the race, it was at a painfully slow pace. That all changed, especially when we got back to Mankato. It was a four lap circuit with a brutal hill and 2 QOM's (queen of the mountain- hence a sprint). I got dropped on the first climb. I was too far back in the masses and my legs did not want to cooperate. I think the lack of hydration was setting in. But I remained in one of the many chase groups and finished. Not sure where. But I was dying. The neutral feeds didn't work so well for me and getting enough liquids is hard. I actually was forced to use the com car when at feed #2, a gal grabbed the bottle in front of me and the next 2 handers did have anything to hand. My dad is MUCH better at feeding. I should have done what a gal did to my bottle in Cannon and just grabbed something, anything from anyone. But I survived. Just a big headache that is finally going away. One more stage tomorrow in Stillwater and rumor has it that the hill is much worse than todays. I may be in trouble. Also, no pics from today. I was solo and too beat from the heat after the race to even care about taking pictures. I ended up 48th in the stage and my GC fell to 38th.

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Jeanie said...

If I don't have a feeder I totally take bottles from the big teams. My theory is, if they don't want just anyone to take it they shouldn't hold it out there. You gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck tomorrow and great job!