Sunday, May 18, 2008

Suffering in the sun! NMBS#3: Santa Ynez, CA, May 17-18, 2008

Yikes! I HATE heat. When the forecast was calling for temperatures in the 100's, I knew I was in trouble. I was having anxiety about last years dismal performance in the heat here and wondered if I would survive. But I kept telling myself, "I love the heat, I love the heat, I love the heat." It didn't work, but it wasn't as bad as last year.
Race Day #1: XC, Saturday
Well, this didn't start well. Back to my second row line up, so I thought I was golden, but no such luck. Out of nowhere, my bars got hooked (from the left, I believe) and my front wheel was perpendicular and bikes were flying and piling up. In fact, I couldn't find my bike. It was feet in front of me. So, I got back on, the chain was off and back off to get the chain back on and I was at least 400 meters back. Maybe more. The pack was gone. And so was the skin off my left arm, again.

But I relaxed and decided it was too hot to worry about it and paced myself back into the mix. 1/2 way into the first lap, I had the chills. Not a good sign. But I was still moving o.k. I was having the battle in my head about quitting, but kept reminding myself that everyone else was suffering too. I made up a ton of spaces in the first lap and then on the second lap, I started to go a bit backwards. The chills were joined by dry heaves, but I kept pushing. I wasn't pushing as fast, but I let 3 people go and finished a respectable 14th. A LOT better than last year, so I wasn't going to beat myself up, especially having to chase back on after being very last. I survived. I was happy.
Trying to make up some time! (Note the weeds on my hip. Went off the trail when I freaked out seeing a snake! A partial crash. Had to climb back up out of the ditch. Oops.)
Dinner with friends after the HOT day of racing.

Race Day #2: STX & Super D, Sunday

I have to be honest. I was scared to race in the heat again. In fact, warming up I felt so nauseous that I thought about not racing, but just sat in the shade and waited it out and lined up. Unfortunately right next to the same people as the prior day. Now I was scared of not only the heat, but starting. But I had a great start and found myself in the lead pack in 6th. It was windy so sitting on the train was just fine. There was about 7 or 8 of us. Then I got behind someone that lost the train on the climb and I just didn't have anything to make a move around her, so I sat. Eventually one more came around us, but I didn't have enough to out sprint the gal in front of me, so a 9th place finish would have to do. My best ever, so I will take it! And as if that wasn't enough suffering for one day, then there was Super D.
A smooth start!

Super D was pretty relaxed because I really didn't care. I was first to go, so I just tried to go as fast as I could. I rode a few corners pretty horribly and weeds were flying in my face. It was sooo windy. Crazy windy, blowing you sideways kind of windy. Coming into the final wash before the final stretch, a four wheeler was right in the best line, but I went around. (He apologized afterwards, but a few seconds wouldn't have made a difference, so no worries.) I was in the lead from the start. Oh, that's right, I went first. I held the lead until the big guns went at the end. I finished 4th, which was good enough for a podium finish.

Super D podium (Heather Holmes, Rachel Lloyd, Sue Haywood, Leah Davidson, & me)
Chris Moor ROCKS!!! The Thule rep and my one man support team! Thanks Chris!!!
Dry & hot in the inland hills!

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