Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It actually DOES rain in Belgium.

You could have fooled me, b/c I have hardly seen it really rain. Yesterday was probably my most miserable ride and it wasn't that bad. I did a road ride and was muddier than I was today after Jan and I trekked to the forest south of Brussels (Zoniƫnwoud) for a little mtb tour. It was pretty darn fun and a great way to spend the afternoon. I love riding my bike. The Neroroute was a nice treat on a rainy day. Oh, that's right, it didn't rain. We hit the window!!!

What would a mtb ride be without cobbles???
Nice muddy, slick singletrack. Some fairly 'long' sections.
An invitation to check it out???

Hey, this matches my kit!!!

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Pippy said...

I think I've seen signs like that up in FP. Not that I've ever explored them or anything. And those descents also look like stuff I've ridden in FP. ha ha ha See you soon