Thursday, February 7, 2008

HOLY SNOW!!! First weekend of February!

It was an amazing weekend, my first weekend back. I have never seen so much snow at the cabin! I actually extended my weekend to almost 5 days in the snow. I am the luckiest girl in the world! A little backcountry skiing on Saturday, XC on Sunday/Monday (plus a nap for me) and then Tuesday downhill skiing with the River City Bicycles crew. Check the snow out...

We had to dig our way to the lower level doors.

The guys got after the snow on the deck.
The view from the back deck.

Tim & I together again in the snow.
I love a fresh skin track! So much snow.
Tilly Jane Cabin practically buried!
The neighborhood XC ski loop.
The second half had no tracks but mine.

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Amy Dombroski said...

Sheesh, you may even have more snow than we do - I didn't know that was possible. It's ok though because someone sent me a shoe polishing sponge to keep my leather boots looking sassy Italian. Thanks - you rock!