Saturday, January 26, 2008

One day to go! Saturday, January 26th, 2008

I can't believe it is the day before Worlds! A leisurely morning was followed by a visit to the course for a few laps. Saw a bunch of Portlanders, but NO TIMMY! Apparently he was in the beer garden at the time. I haven't seen him today and it is driving me crazy. There were a lot more people around the venue today. It is funny to be riding around and have people yell out in various accents, "USA, USA! Go USA!!!" Almost celebrity status by virtue of our country! The course is pretty slick, but still so much fun to ride.
Now at almost 5 p.m., the day is winding down, dinner is at 7 and team meeting at 8. Then to sleep to have fast dreams about tomorrow. I am super excited and having a great time. I can't believe I am here and still have to pinch myself. It is actually starting to sink in that I am actually at the world championships! Tomorrow is the BIG day. Excited to race my bike!

The afternoons are quite pleasant.
Amy Dombroski, Kerry Barnholt & Me
We aren't having any fun...


Monilee said...


Kick some butt!!!!!!!!

Monilee said...

Nice work Sue! I hope you were happy with the race.