Monday, December 24, 2007

GP Montferland: Zeddam, NED, Sunday, December 23,2007

An early morning for a fairly long drive to Zeddam. 2 1/2 hours each way. A more complicated day for navigation, we arrived with only one mistake and towards the end found a car with a bunch of cross bikes on it and followed it. It worked! And we figured out the registration process much easier this time. Our one day of experience has paid off. Once at the venue, we track down the U.S. van to see if Wendy can get her race bike fixed and we had both of ours looked over. We went out prior to the race for open course and again, a super fun venue. Much different and less technical with an extremely long stair run up. Probably 100+ stairs, no kidding! Still a few sections to keep it interesting and a fly over. Not to mention the windmill smack in the middle of the course.

The start was again super aggressive, borderline dangerous. I made it through unscathed and it was wide open enough in places to be able to pass. I was initially right off the lead pack not too far. But it did spread out at some of the bottlenecks. On the stairs the first time, some gal behind me grabbed my rear wheel, so I shouted for her to let it go. I motored on and there was lots of yelling behind me. Cat fight. The fast paced course was great and getting slicker by each lap. I hung on for a 7th place finish and Wendy was not far behind in 12th.The flags along the course.

One thing notable about these two races is the spectators. Sure, there are a ton of them, but they don't yell and scream and go crazy like Portland. I have one thing to say about that: MORE COW BELL!!!
Daphney VDB cooling down. Still star struck on our second day.Me, Rebecca Wellons & Wendy

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Grabbing wheel solutions:

Stop abruptly, aim Dugast Rhino for bridge of nose.

Problem Solved.