Monday, September 17, 2007

Mountain air.

Well, Tim finally caught the cold I had, so we were both in pretty poor shape going into the weekend. I was starting to feel better and Tim was towards the tail end of the really bad part. We decided not to race the Kremasse on Saturday and headed out to the cabin on Saturday afternoon. Lucky for me, I got to stay until Monday. It was also Emily's 30th birthday on Saturday, so she and Wendy came out on Saturday night. Mountain air always seems to make everything better...

Saturday late afternoon we took a spin on our cross bikes to Cloud Cap for some inspiring views of Mount Hood!

Stopped at the amphitheater for a self timer photo.

One of our favorite winter haunts: the Tilly Jane shelter.

Riding singletrack on the 'cross bikes. Good for the soul.

Saturday we went back to the mountain bikes. Beautiful fall day. A bit chilly!
The crew at Boulder Lake.
The girls at Boulder Lake. All smiles before cross season starts.

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chris said...

This was a great way to catch up with what has been going on with you two over the past couple of months. The pics from tailand were awesome. do you have all the pics on Snapfish? is there a community link? i'd love to show some of them to Grant. we actually looked it up the other night on his new globe he got for his birthday.

BTW, happy belated birthday. I'm assuming from the velo post that you got a new camera. that is pretty cool!

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