Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Great weekend of riding & Short Track Series #2: July 2, 2007

I love riding my mountain bike. It was pretty much a perfect weekend! Granted, Tim and I succumbed to riding the same trail 2 days in a row, b/c Wendy and Brant wanted to do 15-mile too, and we had sampled it the day prior. It was in great shape and really too much fun!!! Saturday Tim and I got a 'texas alpine start', meaning Tim sleeps in and we don't start our ride until well after noon, but we were in no hurry. It was just the two of us. We did an extended version of 15 mile and rode for about 4 hours. That climb on 15 mile is never easy, but so worth the descent. When we returned from our ride, Brant Ness and O'malley were sitting on the stairs, so we had a great dinner with them. Erin had to go home, but around midnight, Wendy showed up with the dogs. We got a much earlier start on Sunday and again, had a great ride. So many of the trails up high aren't opened yet, so riding the same trail with a little different twist wasn't so horrible.
Wendy and I stayed up at the cabin Sunday night and after a movie and a wicked game of gin, we awoke to an amazingly beautiful morning on the mountain. We sat on the deck drinking coffee enjoying the peace and quiet I have come to crave. It is truly my favorite place on earth. We went and rode Surveyors Ridge as an out and back, but had a turn around time so we could make it back to Portland for Short Track!
I made it home in enough time to put on new bike clothes, throw some stuff in my bag and take off with Tim to ride up to PIR. At least this week we were not running late. Tim made it for his Singlespeed race, which I think he took 5th. Wendy was a bit late, but even though they had started 3-4 minutes prior, she jumped in to race the race. I raced with the expert men again and this time had a much better start. My goal was to try to catch Tim. He was on a single speed and doing his second race of the night. Well, with almost 3 laps to go, I hear this noise and feel something spraying on my leg. It's that noise that you just know the race is over for you and it is pure disappointment. I had a rear flat. It was a big enough gouge in my back tire that the stans did not fill it. I was about 20 minutes into the race and sitting in the top 10, really having fun, so I was disappointed to not be able to finish, especially since it was my last short track for the season. But, it is just for fun and no reason to get bent out of shape. It is all a part of racing and after tearing down and helping load the truck post race, we did our monday night burrito run with friends. That is what short track is all about...

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