Monday, July 9, 2007

Fresh mountain air & sweet singletrack: July 7-8, 2007

It's hard to believe that it was the weekend already when Friday rolled around and we rolled out of town back to the cabin. A rare treat this summer to be at the cabin two weekends in a row, not to mention mid-week. And with the temperatures rising in Portland and Hood River, it was nice to be up higher and in the cooler mountain air. It was perfect. Tim and I had a nice dinner on the deck Friday night after he took a ride. We still can not believe how lucky we are to have such an awesome place to call home on the weekends.
Saturday we woke up and had french toast and waited for Patrick and Anita to arrive. On my training plan I had a 'race simulation'. This was instead of driving 5 hours to a mountain bike race in Bellingham, so although not my ideal way to ride singletrack, we headed out in the afternoon to our 'race'. We got to the trailhead only to find Tim had forgotten his bag with his shoes and helmet, so back to the cabin we went and had a major 'race delay' on our hands. At least the 'race' was on a good trail, so riding it 3-4 times didn't seem so bad. It went o.k. and I think we both won. :)
After our race, we headed back to the cabin and Anita had some fabulous snacks awaiting the hungry bikers. Snacks were followed by showers, showers by dinner, dinner by entertainment, including Tim & Patrick making our view of Mt. Hood's summit visible from the deck, and then a star gazing session before we went to bed. All but me apparently saw 'the most amazing, bright shooting star'. I saw my own, but they all saw the topper for the evening.

mountain men getting 'er done

Sunday was a much better ride with an out and back on Surveyors Ridge. Patrick has not ridden any of the trails on our side of the mountain, so it is always fun to have someone on the ride for the first time. A more relaxed ride and fantastic views and good company. A very nice day. Nationals is 2 weeks away and this is my last week at home before flying out to Vermont to hook up with my parents and niece and nephew. I'm excited, but also sad to see summer going by so fast.

Patrick & Tim taking in the view

Tim rockin' the rocks on Surveyors

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Patrick said...

I'm not sure you were clear. That's the before and after shot from the deck of the cabin!!!