Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Browns Camp to Mt. Tabor: What a day! Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The most important thing about this bike racing thing is that you have to have fun. I figure when I stop having fun, I stop racing. Wednesday was pretty much a perfect day. Wendy and I ran out to Browns Camp in the a.m. to do a few laps on the mountain bikes, honing our skills on the roots now that they are dry. A great 2.5 hour ride at a good pace, trying to re-ride sections we couldn't make. I forget how fun the trails out there are. It was well worth the drive to get on dirt. Then we had some lunch and got ready for the next adventure, another Mt. Tabor. I even convinced Wendy to race that evening. Tim came home from work and we got dressed and rode up there. Ran into Wendy on the way up there and all pedaled up there together. The women go off at 6:20 and we were there in plenty of time to register, go to the bathroom and line up. The race for me was pretty much like the others. Melissa and I went for a prime (which I won, by the way) and then we were off the front for the rest of the race. I kept trying to drop her, b/c I knew that if I didn't, I would finish second. I dragged her around for 3 laps and then tried to power the last climb and lose her, but she was fighting hard and around me she went on the final sprint. Another second place at Tabor. Oh well. It was fun.

You would think that one race of 8 laps was enough, but somehow I thought I had more in me. Tim had just gotten 6th in the masters men, so I decided we all should race again in the cat 3 men. Melissa was in, Tim was in and I was in. I couldn't quite convince Wendy, but next time. So, my goal in the 10 lap cat 3 race was not to get dropped. It was a lot harder the second time and I think the pace was a bit faster. And with 40+ guys, it is a much different race than our 8-9 women one. I hung on, felt pretty good, didn't have much left for the sprint, but ended up 25th and Tim got another top 10, finishing in 8th. A fun night of racing at one of our favorite places. For those that don't know, Tim and I actually had one of our first make out sessions at Mt. Tabor on one of the benches near the top, the same bench we were engaged at. And then we proceeded to get married there as well, so a very special place indeed! A park with many functions. After racing, we headed down Hawthorne and had some pizza with friends at Ascholls. Another fairly long wait, but much needed nourishment. That is a night out for the Butlers. It's funny how biking and racing has become one of our main social functions. A great healthy way to have fun.

Wendy on bridge at Browns Camp!

I should have taken more pics, but we were too busy riding.

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Emily Van Meter said...

DUDE you are so freaking hard core! I wish i could be like you...or maybe not. HEY HEY