Monday, May 7, 2007

NMBS#3: Fontana National: Fontana, CA: May 5-6, 2007

It has been a great week in SoCal, staying with my good friends Gina and Hal near Claremont. Wednesday I met up with my teammate Emily and we did an awesome ride in the San Gabriels out of Chantry Flats. We climbed over 2 hours to the top of Mt. Wilson on singletrack that was sometimes not rideable, then we descended down some sweet singletrack! It was a great ride and good to have some company to sample some of the local rides. Thursday I decided to go ride the course and had so much fun, I rode it three times! It was going to be a fun race! Friday Brett Nichols had his semi-pro race, so I went early and road a lap and then sat in the feed zone and handed up bottles! Tim rolled in around 7 p.m., so we picked him up at the airport and put together his bike and made dinner. And the next day was game time!

Race Day 1: Cross Country
Although Short Track has been first for the past 3 races, XC was Saturday. Race time for me was 11 a.m. Tim raced at 8 a.m., but needless to say, I didn't go with him. My start position was much better this week. I think I landed in the third row. I had a great start out of the gate and it was a super fun race! It hurt, especially the 500ft. ascent at the beginning of the lap. The sandy descents were challenging and got sandier each lap. I only messed up once on the second lap, taking a bit of a closer look at the sand. Mmmmm. It tasted great. It was a fun race and there was a little something for everyone. At times you thought you were going through a dump, and other times it was fun rocky singletrack. It was, well, interesting, but all in all, I liked the course. I had a great finish, passing 2 girls with 1K to go and was able to sprint to the finish to maintain my 17th place. Not bad. My best NMBS finish yet and and the same as Sea Otter.

finishing the XC with 2 girls on my tail...

Race Day 2: Short Track
A very late race with a 3:15 start time. It was going to be a hot one, for sure. We got to the venue plenty early with Brett racing at 2:30. The course was open at 1:30, so we checked it out. I knew it was going to hurt with the course going up the mountain cross course. We would see how it would play out with a funnel down to a single person descent towards the end of the course.
My position was great at the line. I managed to be in the second row and put myself right behind Alison Sydor. I figured she would be a good person to follow out of the gate. I had a great start and was right up there in the top 15. I had a great first lap and decided not to wait at the funnel of the descent and dismounted to run around on the right. It didn't gain me as much time as I had hoped, but didn't lose any either. By the next lap, I would be in a position to ride each time. The hill hurt every time and I lost some steam. I finished 24th.

Post Race Thoughts:

Well, I made it home today in time to unpack, nap and get a massage and go to dinner with Tim. I am really enjoying the racing. It has thus far been a great experience, especially when it allows you to spend time with people you haven't seen and visit places you haven't been. It is strange that the national mountain bike series is half over, and as Wendy pointed out on the way home from the airport, our trails haven't even really opened. I haven't really done any mountain biking in Oregon except for the Syncline and racing. Looking forward to some epic rides...

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